SEEMANNSGARNSPINNEN to yarn cock-and-bull stories

What inspired a Swiss who grew up distal the sea to catch his kitbag and to charter on a ship? Who were these Swiss who get into these long journeys on which they saw nothing else than water around? With what kind of cock-and-bull story they returned in Switzerland and how is their life after their signing off?

Five former Swiss Mariners – from the captain to the seamen – spin their yarns in this book. They tell in words and pictures from everyday life aboard the great merchant ships, from the vastness of the sea and the narrowness of the ship, navigation without radar and exotic country programs in Africa, but especially of the primal human desire for boundless freedom.
Since the beginning of time, the shipping lured young men to the lake, to try their luck on the high seas in search of adventures. Ironically, the landlocked country of Switzerland, which provides its own fleet, proves unexpectedly as a seafaring nation.

Hardcover | cloth binding with screen printing and banderole
21 × 29.7 cm | 196 pages | about 150 coloured reproductions

Nominated for "Deutscher Fotobuchpreis 2014"

Publishing, writing, design and typesetting
Published by Benteli Verlag | 2013